Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I have learned since I became pregnant

1. Eating is over-rated... Unless it involves chocolate ice cream with a side of olives... or a steak burrito YUMMY
2. Peeing 358 times throughout the day is way mo' better than peeing 923 times in the middle of the night.
3. Sleeping 12 hours a day is no longer considered lazy... It means the child in mean in constantly growing.. and wearing me the heck out.
4. Watching TV shows on TLC such as a Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, and Birthday are no longer allowed to be watched! It only makes me think of the worse case scenarios, like having a baby with three heads and 5 in a half arms or ever worse.. A labor and delivery without an epidural

****Special Note****
For those of you who don't really know me that well.. I consider epidurals to be like automatic cars--keep focused, please-- They are both a gift from god. If God intended me to drive a stick shift he wouldn't have made automatics, and the same thing goes for labor & delivery, if the good Lord intended for me to endure all that pain with no help.. epidurals wouldn't exist. So please when the time comes------shoot me up!
5. Vernors is one of the only things that makes my tummy feel better when it's really hurting- To bad it's way pricier here than in Michigan, I'm going to have to stock up next time I go.
6. Not to tell anyone I'm pregnant unless i have the time or the patience ( which I'm short on these days ) to deal with a million and one questions and all of that well meant advice.
7.Raw meat is beyond the grossest thing... EVER.
8. I'm always irritable which is not good because I also am always on the verge of tears.. these things go hand in hand.. So shut your mouth, and don't make me angry.. Got that Student Accounts!
9.I never realized how much I enjoyed laying on my stomach and back, which I can no longer do.. because both positions are uncomfortable for me.. and bad for the little nugget growing in me
and finally, I have an amazing husband who does everything in his power to make momma bear and little baby to be as comfortable as possible... Wether its a backrub after a long day at my internship, cooking dinner for me--because the sight of raw meat is unbearable remember-- Or a trip to mcdonalds in the next town over in the middle of a blizzrd to get me a choclate shake. I love My aaron more than anything and I can't wait until our child is born so we can start our little family.


  1. You have lots of followers... That seems weird but this blogging thing is fun!

  2. Aaron, I like how you commented on my blog.. UNDER MY NAME. I still love you!

  3. hahahahaha.
    #8 is my favorite.
    Got that student accounts!