Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Dr's Appointment

Well Folks.. Thursday morning we had our first appointment for baby Baker. With a quick pit stop for dad on the way, he was STARVING, and needed a one dollar mcmuffin and hash brown or his life would have ended right then. Well, that's not what he said exactly, but that's how I took it :)

We finally found the Dr's office about 10 minutes before my appointment and checked in downstairs in the main lobby.. and then they tell you where you need to get going to. I thought that was extremely weird, but whatever. So upstairs we went where I started to fill out some paper work, I was then called into a back room where they weighed me ( I lost 8 pounds since i've become pregnant), Took my blood pressure ( right on target, which is hard to believe because I was driving and aaron was freakingout, but thats a whole nother blog) and took my temerpature. I went back out to the waiting room to finish the paperwork and was called back immediately for my appointment. They are not messing around here.. in and out they have no time for slow people!

The nurse came in immediately and asked us if we had any questions, and told us we needed to pick a nurse or midwife. I was leaning more towards a midwife just because they are more personable and I'll have a better chance of seeing my midwife at delievery than my actual doctor. The nurse was like well we have three midwives and shes like the first one has been here for a week, I was like NEXT! She said the second one has been there for two years, that made me a little more comfortable, but I found out the third midwife has been there for like 12 years, and the nurse said that when she was delievering her third child this midwife was actually her nurse then. So she was highly reccomended. Come to find out she graduated from Olivet too.

The nurse proceeded to pull out a small bottle of what appeared to be water.. Well, it was actually glucose solution, and let me tell you just because they make it lemon line flavored, does not make it any easier to drink. The nurse informed me I had five minutes to drink this stuff. It was little I can handle it... My husband didn't have that much faith in me, because he pulled out his cell phone and started the timer. He's so funny...

I drank it all and informed aaron I wasn't allowed to drink or eat anything for the next hour, and aaron took his job seriously.

The dr came in and we found out we were actually 12 weeks and 5 days not 10 weeks and 6 days like we originally though. So we got to listen to the heartbeat and it was amazing. I peeked around the dr to see aarons eyes lit up with a goofy little grin on his face. It was probably the sweetest thing I ever say. After that it was upstairs for blood work and peeing in a cup, I must be normal because I didn't get a call back saying anything was wrong. We also got to schedule our first ultrasound for this coming Tuesday the 2nd. We are very excited.

This horribly long blog all to say the babys heartbeat was great and moms doing fine ( and daddy too )

Anyways, that's it for now.. I'll write again after the ultrasound..

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