Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well folks.. It's been a little while since I last wrote. We went to the dr's office on Monday the 29th. It was the quickest appointment by far. We got there, checked in, and I peed in the cup.. It's the thing to do ya know.

We got called back and our Midwife came in and listened to the baby's heartbeat and asked if I had any questions.. I was concerned because I have been popping tylenol like it's going out of style and she ASSURED me I'm not taking enough to hurt the baby. She also explained that the horrible pain I am feeling in my stomach is just my body stretching and expanding to make room for the little nugget in me. Now, Here is my problem with that. The child in my womb is like the size of an orange.. and it's causing that much pain.. I'm FEARFUL for the coming months and the bigger the baby gets.. So please throw out a prayer.. or a hail mary.. or something for me!

After all that she sent me on my way, and as we were walking out a nurse stopped me and asked if I wanted the genetics bloodwork drawn, and I being me said OF COURSE! Aarons standing next to me going.. "what's that?" I replied with "just a test to see if the baby is healthy" The nurse just chuckled at us.

OH and let me tell you something else.. This is the same nurse that Aaron told I was abusing him, after he saw the sign on the door stating IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE YOU CAN TALK TO US.. so ofcourse my wonderful husband tells her "She hits me"

Back to the story... They took me into a back room to draw my blood and it took them 30 minute.. YES 30 minute, 3 nurses, and over 3 POKES to locate a vein and draw the blood!!! I was not amused, and then they had the audacity to make me feel guilty for having the veins I do! At one point I said it's the end of the day and I want out of here as much as you do, so let me show you the vein that ALWAYS works.. and I showed them and they were like.. well that's not good enough! NOT GOOD ENOUGH????? Well, It obviousy was because ten minutes later that was the vein they used!

So all in all it was a productive appointment! The baby had a good heartbeat, Aaron got to make a few jokes, and I was a human push pin....

That's all for now, but we find out the sex of the baby on April 21st.. so hold on to your seat and make sure to stalk then.

Love you all,

Stephanie, Aaron, and Baby Baker

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Bakers First Pictures

We headed back to the Doctors today for our first Ultrasound. We checked in and barely sat down before we were whisked away into the maze of back rooms. we finally reached our destination, a very dark room with a giant flat screen T.V on the wall opposite the examination table.

I climbed on the table and before I knew it had globs of warm gooey stuff on my tummy, and my wonderful husband asking" Can I do that next time" and the nurse replied like a true champ with "what? climb up on the table and get gel on your belly"I was still giggling from that remark when I noticed our baby on the flat screen.

The baby was laying on it's back, it almost looked like it had hiccups, because every few seconds it's whole body would jump. That just tickled Aaron pink. We got to see the legs, arms, profile view, and it even did a roll and we saw it's spinal cord.. It looked like railroad tracks. The nurse said everything looked great. The length from the top of the head to the neck was normal, so that along with a blood test determined that the baby won't have downs syndrome.

This is a picture of the face, Looks like the baby is sticking its tongue out at us! Aaron and I are both slightly unnerved by skeletal looking head, but they assured us it won't look like that when he or she is born :) And finally, these are little Bakers legs! They are crossed at the top of the picture.. I hope that's not what we get on April 21st when we go in for our ultrasound to see if it's a boy or girl.

So I wiped up the goo and we were on our way back to the waiting room when the nurse called us back to the room! I was freaking out, but she saw the look of panic and said not to worry, she just forgot to get the heartbeat. So more goo went on my belly and she found the heartbeat. It was 154, which is normal. I once again wiped the goo from my stomach and was on my way to the waiting room.

I went through the whole weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup routine and it was back to the waiting room. Shortly after that we were whisked away to another back room where I met my Midwife. She had an amazing accent, Australian I think.. We are going to ask next time we see her. She said everything looked good and asked if we had any questions, we asked our questions and she was done, well... almost done. She had a few parting words for me... She told me that I need to gain weight the next time I see her ( I lost 2 pounds in 5 days ).. and if I don't gain weight.. I should at least remain where I'm at. Aaron is now on a mission to help me gain weight or at least eat more than once a day... I love that man :)

We have our 17 week check up on March 29th. And then on April 21st we are going in for our 20 week check-up, and to find out if we are having a boy or girl! We are really excited!!

We love you all,
Stephanie, Aaron, and Baby Baker.