Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Pregnant.....

On January 12th 2010, our lives changed.

We found out that we are expecting.

I am usually the person who grabs the camera whenever there are more then 2 people in the room. The reason? I am trying to capture "lifes moments". Aaron always laughs when I say that, but it's how I roll.

Can you imagine my surprise when Aaron- the one who hates the camera- is the one that grabbed it, saying we need to document this.

In my defense, I was still in a state of shock, as you can see from this picture.

When we found out, I had just finished my first week in the school district where I'm doing my internship, I have 4 months until I graduate with my Bachelors of Social work, and I literally just turned in my application for graduate school at the University of Illinois.

Aaron and I were weighing the options of packing up and moving back to Michigan- he has friends who are ready with trailers to come get us at the drop of a hat - versus buying the house we are renting and staying in this town for the next several years.

Oh how finding out your pregnant will just stop you in your tracks. It's been about a month since we found out, and i'm no longer in a state of shock.

I won't find out if I made in into the Master of Social Work Program until March, Aaron recently found out they were closing the BMW shop- which means, we could relocate to another state with a BMW shop for him to work at.

I'm not sure whats going to happen with school or where we will end up living, but I am sure I have a human being growing in me and I want everyone to take part of this, even if it's only through a blog.

So I hope you all enjoy stalking me, and you do so frequently, because I have made it pretty darn easy!

Love you all!


  1. congrats!! thats really exciting news..

  2. oh how i love you! :) i'm excited to read this. :) :)